Cafe Altura

Cafe Altura has been in business for over thirty years and to this day is guided by the original founder, Chris Shepherd. The founding principles of quality, sustainability, care for the environment and the workers who maintain the land, remain the cornerstone of Cafe Altura’s business ethics and practices.

Started in 1980, the beginning years were modest and humble, with very little money, no credit, too many people and way too many pets. Cafe Altura introduced organically grown coffee into an industry that still considered coffee a “sin”. The company slowly found its way to consumers who enjoyed good coffee and wanted to support family farms who were willing to invest in the future of the environment.

Tribal Core has provided a suite of services to Cafe Altura over many years, including migration of the website to WordPress, migration of the store to UltraCart, Google AdWords management, site optimization, content strategy, analytics and more.

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