Free AT&T Wifi at Starbucks


Starbucks Corp. will make wireless Internet service free at all U.S. stores starting July 1, eliminating a $3.99 fee for two hours of access. The move comes several months after McDonald’s Corp. also dropped all access fees on wireless Internet service, as the fast-food chain sought to make its restaurants a more suitable place to hang out.

I pay $120 a month to AT&T Wireless for two phones, including an iPhone, and the fact that I couldn’t get free wifi from AT&T at Starbucks has always rubbed me the wrong way.

Good for them to make this move and good to see the competition that brought this on. Its far more likely I will now pop into a Starbucks on the road (although I always prefer a locally owned mom-and-pop coffee house for a cup of joe). And still slim to none that you’ll ever see me in a McDonalds, outside of a quick bathroom break on the road or a once-a-year guilty order of small fries.

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    1. We know you stop there on the way home from those late nights in Ojai, MK. Those Filet-O-Gefilte-Fish are going to catch up to you one of these days…

  1. It’s about time. Sounds like Starbucks honchos finally figured out why their sales were declining.

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