Will Netflix Regain Its Swagger?

You’ve probably read about Netflix the last couple months, and none of its any good. Raising prices, ignoring customers, spinning off the DVD service into bastard child Quikster, canceling that three weeks later… the list goes on.

Netflix’s saving grace? Their back-from-the-grave competition, Blockbuster, isn’t any better. Flash only, no support for iPhone or iPad. No prices listed for On Demand. No compelling reason for me to switch.

So will Netflix get its swagger back? Will subscribers fall back in love with them all over again? Netflix needs to address everything that prioritizes profits over subscribers. The long-term vision needs to focus on exceptional user experience top-to-bottom. Without that commitment, Netflix will continue to have flat growth, no buzz and a sense that they were a company that never quite fulfilled its potential.

Don’t even get me started on the iPad interface…who green-lighted that thing?

(image h/t rpichler)

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