Search Engine Marketing / PPC Management

[row] [34_layout] [bigp]If it is time to be smarter about SEM and PPC, get in touch now.[/bigp] Search engine marketing primarily refers to pay-per-click advertising (PPC), with Google AdWords being the largest advertising network. While we can work with modest pay-per-click budgets as low as $50 a day, Tribal Core manages a portfolio of client accounts that exceed $750,000 a year. We bring the requisite skills and experience to the table, focusing on ROI, customer acquisition costs, and sustainable growth.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is primarily divided between the Search Network, where text ads are displayed on google search results, and the Display Network, where banner ads are displayed across a network of third-party websites. (Google can also facilitate advertising across radio, television and more)

What makes Google such as a valuable search engine marketing platform for small to medium businesses is the ability to reach a highly targeted audience and to deliver advertising that is highly relevant to the user.

Tribal Core focuses on what success means to your business, how to reach the audience that finds your products or services of value and how to measure your marketing dollars.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook’s strength is in the demographic, geographic and interest-based targeting it provides. It is entirely possible to target a quarter million women aged 25-34 on the West Coast who like yoga and pilates.

Thus, advertising on Facebook, using a combination of a small thumbnail image and well-written copy, can deliver a significant amount of traffic to any destination, be it a brand’s Facebook page or a landing page on a URL.

Traffic to websites from the mobile version of Facebook ( has increased dramatically over the last twelve months, and is a significant consideration in both advertising and site architecture.

Twitter Advertising

With millions of users sending billions of tweets every day, Twitter has a stunning amount of “inventory” – page views against which advertising can be delivered in various forms, including Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts.

Twitter’s advertising platform is becoming increasingly sophisticated, including keyword targeting, competitor positioning, day part scheduling and more.

In our experience, as a platform for increased brand exposure and community engagement, Twitter is highly effective. However, delivering commerce-based ROI using Twitter advertising has been questionable at best.


Contact us today to learn more about how search engine marketing and pay-per-click management can work for your business.
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