Goals and Objectives for Facebook Ads

Girl with balloons showing goals and objectives on Facebook

With over a billion users and highly tailored audience targeting, Facebook has matured into a remarkable platform for advertising. One big consideration, however, is an understanding of what you can accomplish using Facebook ads and how your advertising will be received by the audience you are targeting.

The Advertising Threshold

A client received an inquiry from an ad network – would they be open to offering banner ads on their website from advertisers with products that may or may not be unrelated to the client’s website? It can be rewarding receiving recognition for having grown a website to a size that can attract advertising, but has the website truly reached … Read More

Google Offers Takes on Groupon – Why It Will Work for Google

Google today announced a beta test of Google Offers, which is taking on Groupon and other coupon/offering startups head-on. Now, not every Google roll-out is a wild success (see Buzz and Wave), but Google has a few things going for it that give Offers a leg up.

Your User Experience Isn’t Typical

There’s an interesting phenomenon that we are all guilty of at times – we assume that our own user experience is typical and applicable to a much more widespread approach to a user base. It happens to designers who don’t test their work in all browsers. It happens to marketers who assume their copy SHOULD work without extensive keyword research … Read More

Remarketing: I Know It When I See It

On remarketing: Dan Yomtobian at Search Engine Watch has a good article on remarketing as a misunderstood conversion tool. Once you realize how remarketing works, you know it when you see it, as Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart would say. Let’s say you visited Site A by clicking an ad, but didn’t complete a transaction or sign up for a … Read More