The Advertising Threshold

A client received an inquiry from an ad network – would they be open to offering banner ads on their website from advertisers with products that may or may not be unrelated to the client’s website? It can be rewarding receiving recognition for having grown a website to a size that can attract advertising, but has the website truly reached … Read More

Will Netflix Regain Its Swagger?

You’ve probably read about Netflix the last couple months, and none of its any good. Raising prices, ignoring customers, spinning off the DVD service into bastard child Quikster, canceling that three weeks later… the list goes on.

AirBnB’s Open Letter

I received an email from AirBnB late last night regarding the serious reputation management challenge they are experiencing. My initial reaction? Transparent, apologetic and addresses the core problem. A startup on an IPO path is not an easy path – it can mean long hours, grueling days, just grinding it out. Setting your hair on fire at the same time? … Read More

On AirBnB’s “Moment of Truth”

One of my favorite startups is AirBnB, which enables people to rent out their apartments, homes or a spare bedroom. We’ve found a couple places to stay on our upcoming trip. I’m not the only one who thinks they are great – they have a billion dollar valuation and the backing of some heavy-duty VC’s in Silicon Valley. So what … Read More

Reputation Management: Onesheet and Rick Santorum

Onesheet went into beta today. It looks awesome and even better, doesn’t require the band to maintain it. Here’s how Onesheet describes their service: Onesheet allows musicians to set up a web presence in minutes using content from other websites they’re already updating. They simply connect their existing social networks and services immediately have a website full of content already … Read More

Your User Experience Isn’t Typical

There’s an interesting phenomenon that we are all guilty of at times – we assume that our own user experience is typical and applicable to a much more widespread approach to a user base. It happens to designers who don’t test their work in all browsers. It happens to marketers who assume their copy SHOULD work without extensive keyword research … Read More

Google Instant A-Z: Single Letter Searches & Big Brands

Google Instant arrived this week – if you haven’t seen it in action, log in to your google account or gmail, and go to Search results change and shift with every keystroke of your search, and Google starts delivering results with the very first keystroke. So I compiled a list of results for single keystroke searches, and a few … Read More