What To Expect


Expect to hit the ground running. Your team will get secure access to your Client Portal, which includes links, articles and your document repository. We’ll create executive dashboards, take the lead on conversion tracking and establish communication channels. Within two weeks, we’ll be running ads, developing a content strategy and auditing your website, building value every step of the way.

Beginning month one, you will receive a monthly content strategy document via your Client Portal with proposed blog post topics, schedule and social media ideas. We solicit your feedback and approval, and move on to procurement of copy and images. We then build and schedule this content on your website or blog, notifying all key stakeholders. You can expect a well-managed content flow with a consistently high level of quality and creativity.



We develop or plug into your content strategy, including monthly themes, social media ideas, blog post topics and scheduling. We then procure high-quality content, source compelling royalty-free images and deploy this to your website every month, on schedule, like clockwork.


You can expect skilled account management, customized campaigns, regular reporting, executive dashboards and careful moderation of your budget. If your company sells products, we build a datafeed that poweres shopping ads on Google and Facebook. If you are a services provider, we can shift focus to lead generation and filling your pipeline. We hold ourselves to a high standard to maximize the value we provide you.

We consider Search Engine Optimization to be a structured discipline, not an arcane mystery. We provide monthly reporting based on a 20 point checklist. We work to find the sweet spot from executive presentation of information to actionable next steps tailored for marketers and developers. We also plug into your workflow, optimizing any new content on your website, from blog posts to products to service pages.


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