What to Write on a Blog Post

The Globe Theater as an example of blog post content strategy

Do you succumb to stage-fright when creating a blog post? Actors take care of nerves with meticulous preparation. We’re here to take care of pre-blog nerves and get you started with SEO & Content Strategy so that your business can flourish on the stage. We’ve developed well-honed topic research methodology so that you always know your lines and find a receptive audience. … Read More

How to Find Great Topics for Blog Posts

Content Strategy Roadmap

How do the best bloggers create content so consistently? Many blog every day and don’t seem to run out of ideas. While there are many challenges to writing blog content, topic ideas don’t need to be one of them. Our team is here to consider your business, your style, your industry, and your customers. We then turn this information into … Read More

The Self Storage SEO Guide – 2020 Edition

Because self storage facilities serve a customer base that largely lives within a 3 to 5 mile radius, a focus on local search engine optimization (known as Local SEO) may have the biggest impact in attracting new customers.

A Complete Guide to Taxonomy SEO for WordPress

taxonomy seo

Last updated: December 26, 2019 What are taxonomies? Taxonomies, in the simplest of terms, are how a group of things are organized. These organizational structures can be hierarchical, like Categories in WordPress, where a Category of “Motor Vehicles” might have Subcategories such as Cars, Motorcycles and RV’s. Taxonomy structures can also be non-hierarchical, such as Tags in WordPress, where a … Read More

The SEO Case for Web Designers Partnering with Marketing Agencies

web marketing partners - ok, its a dog and a cat

Unless you do a lot of redesigns for sites that have been around a while, you are largely launching brand new sites on brand new domains. And those sites carry very little authority. You know how I mentioned the quality of backlinks above? This is measured in “domain authority” or DA. New sites have virtually no domain authority at all. So you’re stuck with a bunch of low authority websites linking back to you in those footer credits.

Why a Business Does a Site Redesign

business site redesign

When a company gets a new website, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. And it ain’t necessarily related to the website. Green-lighting a site redesign is generally a big project for a small business. There are multiple stakeholders and a significant financial commitment. There are new marketing objectives and possibly a rebrand.

How and Why Airbnb Should Verify Wifi

Wifi on the bookshelf in Prague

I’ve talked to many friends who work while they travel, and there is definitely a consensus: when you stay at an Airbnb, you have no freaking idea how the internet is going to be. And that can be incredibly challenging if not terrifying.

Affordable Web Marketing Near Me

Affordable Web Marketing Near Me

The demand from prospects and partners alike is an entry-level web marketing service for companies that are just getting their feet wet or otherwise have the most modest of budgets. We’ve listened! Learn more about our affordable web marketing plans that can provide just the right fit.

Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’ in Google Search Console

search console submitted URL

In the new Google Search Console, your site might have one or more results for this Error: Status > Index coverage > Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’. This isn’t necessarily an error, although if a site is not being indexed properly, this is a great place to start. Learn more!