Optimization + Analytics

If it is time to take your site and web presence to the next level, get in touch now.

Keeping your website competitive requires a multitiered approach to site optimization and sharp attention to data that supports good decision making and smart allocation of resources.

Our monthly Optimization + Analytics service provides your business with C-level strategy, roll-up the sleeves action and always-on support. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach, and try to be as flexible as possible with time allocation to focus on that which is of most value. We balance this flexibility with a comprehensive approach to the following elements of our service.

Regardless of one’s opinion on the subject, SEO (search engine optimization) dominates the conversation when it comes to site optimization. On-page optimization like proper meta tags and well-structured content still has it’s place in a digital marketing approach, and we provide regular updates and recommendations on exactly these changes.

However, the trending importance of SEO is decreasing as Google gets increasingly sophisticated with semantic search, better able to put a webpage’s content in the right context.

What is becoming increasingly important is technical site optimization, where attention to technical details makes for a stronger site that functions better and ranks higher.

We use a number of methods and tools for review and evaluation in order to ensure your website is technically sound.

It is our job to keep up on Google’s recommendations and expectations, and communicate that in plain English, ensuring that you won’t be surprised by such arcane considerations as forced https, canonical domains and responsive design.

In fact, straightforward, down-to-earth advice is one of the things our clients love about us.

You can rely on us for strategic advice on multiple fronts. We want you to feel comfortable asking questions and getting actionable answers. Here are the primary ways we engage:

Content Strategy

We’re partners, and that means we get to know your business inside and out. We want a deep understanding of your product and services, and what makes your customers tick.

Having a well-developed content strategy enables a steady, ongoing commitment to content creation which attracts and engages your audience.

A content strategy primarily entails three main areas of focus:

Page Content

It is entirely common for the textual content on a page to be far too shallow. This can occur, for instance, on product pages, service pages or an about us page. We provide you recommendations on where to beef up content, what the focus should be, and how that can position you for superior search engine results.

Another key opportunity to expand site content is through product and service sub-pages. For instance, your website might have a Widgets page that lists the ten different types of widgets you sell. An effective approach would be to create ten sub-pages for each of those widget types. Yes, it can be a lot of work, but it is a highly effective strategy for long-term ROI, and forms the foundation of a healthy web presence.

Blog Content

Expanding on products and services with blog posts changes the playing field. No longer are you limited to competing for visitors looking for blue widgets. You can develop a much more diverse “long tail” of content that more directly speaks to the customer looking for “sand-proof blue widgets for the playa.”

We provide an ongoing list of blog post recommendations, which get compiled and organized in a shared Google spreadsheet.

Special Content

Drone videos, white papers, custom reports, infographics, calculators and more can contribute to an overall content strategy. Whether it delivers the wow factor, driving huge amounts of social shares, or highly valuable knowledge that brings in killer leads, special content can play to your strengths and bring you the audience you are looking for.

We advise on content that you can produce within your core competency and within your budget to set your business apart.

Web Strategy

Your web presence may have grown to encompass many different channels and points of contact, including a main site, social media profiles, customer support portal and more. There may be many different marketing initiatives you are considering.

One way in which we can support you is to help you sift through the noise in order to best allocate your resources and budget. We can analyze vendor proposals, propose alternatives and provide realistic feedback on deliverables and timelines. In other words, as your partner, we have a well-honed BS meter that has saved many clients time, money and heartache.

Engagement Strategy

Talk to any SEO firm, and ask them where their job ends. Most likely, they consider their job to be getting visitors through the door. What your business actually needs are relevant visitors that engage.

We consider that our mutual responsibility. We first focus on bring you relevant traffic that would find your goods and services to be highly valuable. We then use data to determine how effective your site is engaging and converting that audience.

Ongoing recommendations may take the form of user experience (UX) considerations, user interface (UI) tweaks, types of promotions that can be run, and more helpful, actionable ideas to increase engagement, progression and revenue.

Data-driven marketing is a powerful way to approach our work together, helping us make smart decisions about where to identify opportunity and focus resources.

Google Tag Manager

Implementing code properly is a critical step in ensuring that you have good data in order to make smart decisions. Google Tag Manager (which has an optional Certification program through the Google Analytics Academy) helps manage any number of tags required for a website, including Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and much more.

Reporting primarily falls into two categories:


We build you a custom, private online Dashboard, pulling in key metrics for a near-real-time executive-level view. This is a new service we introduced in 2014, and our clients are (to borrow a phrase) lovin’ it.

The benefits are two-fold – we have easy-to-view, digestible data at our fingertips, which facilitates understanding and spurs conversation. Secondly, it removes multiple hours of manual reporting from our plate, time that can now be repurposed into action.

Custom Reports

Sometimes, we want to pull data to answer a specific question. We can do this anytime, pulling together a report that includes visual representation of the data, analysis and recommended next steps.

Let’s Start Today!

If it is time to take your site and web presence to the next level, get in touch now. We can answer any questions you have, and mutually determine if we are a good fit. If the answer is yes, we can get started immediately (after coffee).

Q: What are our first steps?

The first month, we will get the Analytics Dashboard in place, run a technical site crawl, conduct extensive keyword research (shared, of course) and begin on-page optimization.

Beginning month two, we continue optimizing pages and posts, start looking for opportunities based on data analysis and contribute to the content strategy. We might contribute to any number of additional tasks, including custom reports, strategy chats, clarifying data points and more. We are here to partner in your success.

Q: When can I expect results?

We will begin working with you immediately on multiple fronts, including content strategy and development, and any immediate technical issues to address.

Depending on how well established your website already is, we want to start seeing traction for newly optimized content in 30-45 days.

Specifically, we will have the Dashboard at our disposal, we will use Annotations in Google Analytics to provide context and we will have regular check-ins, mostly via email.

What we do is keep our Optimization + Analytics service broad, and always view our approach with an Internet Strategy hat on. SEO is just one component of a broader strategic approach.

Q: Do you do social media?

Yes, we can help with social media strategy, supporting existing personnel, or take charge of day-to-day social management.