How Does Google Work?

We're all rats in Google's maze

…and what else does Google have its fingers into?

Aaron Wall and PPCBlog put together a fantastic flowchart showing how Google works. As Aaron prefaces it, this probably won’t be accurate in the years to come, because Google is on such a rapid development path. It might not even be accurate by the end of this year.

I have been paying increasing attention to Google’s wider initiatives the last year or so, beyond the tools that I use heavily for clients, such as Google AdWords, Analytics, Places and TV Ads.

Google has been making huge investments in mobile marketing for instance and obviously their mapping initiatives are top notch. What you may not know is that Google is active in the Consumer Packaged Goods vertical, as well as retail in general. And how about Google Energy, which has been granted power utility status by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission?

Anyway, back to the subject – the flowchart above is such a great visualization tool because it’s so difficult to explain the complexity inherent in a single search, and the value of good content creation, search engine optimization and pay-per-click management.

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