Why Digital Nomads Should Never Use AT&T

Following is a chat session with an AT&T representative. Since I travel full-time these days, it is important that I have a carrier that provides a reasonable international service. AT&T ain’t it. I’ll be in Hawaii in two weeks, at which time I’ve set aside some time to find the best carrier for me (with Boost and T-Mobile both on my list). My AT&T contract ended recently, and I look forward to reducing my phone bill by maybe 80 bucks a month and giving my money to a company that gets it.

TYLER SUCHMAN: I want to know how to access voicemail when i am outside the US

Rosa Mapula: 1.Press and hold the retrieval key on your device (this is typically the “1” key).

2.Interrupt your personal greeting by pressing the “*” key.

Rosa Mapula: 3.Enter your voicemail password.

Rosa Mapula: If you don’t know your password you can reset using the following methods:

Rosa Mapula: Outside the U.S.: Call 916-843-4685

Rosa Mapula: 2.Change online at att.com/mywireless

Rosa Mapula: 1.Log in to att.com/mywireless

Rosa Mapula: 2.Under Quick Links, select Wireless Support.

Rosa Mapula: 3.Under Phone/Device Support select Reset Voicemail Password.

Rosa Mapula: 4.Submit request to reset voicemail password. A text message will be sent to the phone with the new voicemail password.

TYLER SUCHMAN: Can I get voicemail through att.com or an iphone App?

Rosa Mapula: No.

TYLER SUCHMAN: The instructions you just gave me, am I being charged for that?

Rosa Mapula: Yes, you are charged the per minute rate when you retrieve voicemail.

TYLER SUCHMAN: How do I know if I receive a voicemail?

Rosa Mapula: Just like in the US, you should be able to see that you have a voicemail message.

TYLER SUCHMAN: i don’t – there is no notification.

Rosa Mapula: If you are using visual voicemail and you have data roaming turned off, then you will not be able to tell you have a voicemail message.

TYLER SUCHMAN: right, ok, so what you are saying, is i need to pay $30/MB (!) just to see if i might have voicemail or spend $2.50 a minute just to call in and see if i might have voicemail. There is no notification via wifi, no website for me to log in to and no app. Is that all correct?

Rosa Mapula: That is correct.

TYLER SUCHMAN: wow. OK, can’t wait to leave AT&T. My contract is over, and I look forward to choosing a carrier that doesn’t try to squeeze every last dollar out of me, especially when I travel. This is not personal – you have been very helpful. Thank you kindly.

Rosa Mapula: We apologize for the inconvenience.  Is there anything else I may assist you regarding international Tyler?

TYLER SUCHMAN: Hi Rosa – It’s an inconvenience and its grossly overcharging for services. I look forward to blogging about this and sharing it with my audience that is looking for travel advice. Thanks again for your time.

Rosa Mapula: You’re welcome, thank you for being part of AT&T have a great day!

Rosa Mapula: if you need to speak to an International Care Representative you can always chat with us again.  You can also send us an email by logging onto your online account at att.com/mywireless  >contact us.  Or you can reach us by dialing +1-916-843-4685 while you are outside of the country.

Rosa Mapula: Thank you for chatting with us.  Please click the CLOSE button on the top right corner of this window to exit this chat.  Thank you for choosing AT&T.