Rising From the Ashes of The #thomasfire

For those new to this site who don’t know us that well, I’ll start with a brief intro. My name is Tyler and I founded Tribal Core in early 2002, after the startup I was with was acquired by Vivendi Universal.

My wife AliSun and I relocated to Ojai a few months later. Under the Tribal Core banner, I consulted for many years before re-crafting the company as a robust digital marketing agency, with a focus on content, advertising and website optimization.

From 2011 to 2015, we traveled as digital nomads, with all the joys and challenges that came with it. The last three years, we have settled into a wonderful community of souls at Meditation Mount in Ojai.

And it’s at Meditation Mount that this story starts… perhaps you’ve heard that there are fires out this way?

Here’s our home on Monday

Meditation Mount Ojai

Here’s our home on Tuesday

Thomas Fire - #thomasfire

I know, right? We’re safe, as is everyone at Meditation Mount. We have everything we need – mostly some clothes and our computers. Our extended community – friends and strangers – have opened doors and offered help. Anything you need, we have heard over and over.

I find myself feeling incredibly grateful, profoundly blessed and full of optimism for our future. We’ve certainly had a change in plans. New life, here we come. And I have every intention of embodying all that we have modeled at Meditation Mount – engaging life with love, compassion, non-judgment and humility. If you’d like to read more, I wrote a blog post on our travel blog.

How does this affect Tribal Core?

Not so much! I am working with a wonderful team of nine individuals located around the US and beyond. You may have already been introduced to Amy, Stephanie, Brad and Carol, to start. I’m leaning on them to continue their great work on our clients’ behalf.

My response time and deliverables are going to be a little slow this week. That’s about it. I deeply appreciate your understanding as I get my nomadic feet back under me.

We’ll be ready to onboard new clients beginning 1/1.

On behalf of the entire team at Tribal Core, I wish to express my deep gratitude to our clients for the trust and responsibility that you’ve bestowed on us. Here’s to continued success together.

May those people in your life affected by the fires be safe and sound. Blessings to you and yours.

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