Remarketing: I Know It When I See It

On remarketing: Dan Yomtobian at Search Engine Watch has a good article on remarketing as a misunderstood conversion tool. Once you realize how remarketing works, you know it when you see it, as Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart would say. Let’s say you visited Site A by clicking an ad, but didn’t complete a transaction or sign up for a … Read More

New SEO and Link Building Tools from Scribe

I wrote a review on Scribe SEO back in March. The Scribe team continues to add features. The latest email outlines a number of changes coming on July 30th, including an internal link strategy tool, an outside link building tool and a social media connection tool. I’m pretty intrigued by all of these tools, and look forward to giving them … Read More

How Does Google Work?

…and what else does Google have its fingers into? Aaron Wall and PPCBlog put together a fantastic flowchart showing how Google works. As Aaron prefaces it, this probably won’t be accurate in the years to come, because Google is on such a rapid development path. It might not even be accurate by the end of this year. I have been … Read More

Free AT&T Wifi at Starbucks

Finally. Starbucks Corp. will make wireless Internet service free at all U.S. stores starting July 1, eliminating a $3.99 fee for two hours of access. The move comes several months after McDonald’s Corp. also dropped all access fees on wireless Internet service, as the fast-food chain sought to make its restaurants a more suitable place to hang out.

Chris Guillebeau: Fear and Permission

Chris Guillebeau, one of my favorite bloggers and the proprietor of Unconventional Guides among other fine info products, speaks at TEDx at Carnegie Mellon on Fear and Permission. Seventeen minutes of motivational goodness to confront one’s fears and pursue a life of adventure, accomplishments and escaping the cage, petting a crocodile and eating the best strawberry ever.

Likebase for Facebook Pages – Why Not?

Facebook recently changed a key element of Facebook Pages, where the notion of having Fans (and thus having a Fanbase) was changed to “people who Like the Page”. Or Those Who Like Pages Formerly Known as Fans. Or The Knights Who No Longer Say Ni. I’ve received a number of laughs, if not outright guffaws, at the mention of how … Read More

Facebook Steps Into Arizona Immigration Debate

Facebook sent out the Facebook Ads newsletter yesterday, which includes a section for “success stories from advertisers.” This month, the focus is on the Arizona Office of Tourism and its Arizona Travel Facebook Page. When you admin a Facebook Page, you can choose what Tab is used as the primary, or initial, page that visitors see. For most Pages, its … Read More

Google Places: Fixing an Incorrect Marker Location For A Business

What’s Google Places? It’s the new re-branded Local Business Center, where you can claim your business, edit your business listing and influence how your business is displayed in Google Search, Google Maps and other locally oriented Google search tools.

Ben Bernanke Nigeria Spam

I got a kick out of the latest Nigerian banking spam email. Fed Chair Ben Bernanke dropped me a nice note to let me know that the federal government of Nigeria sent him $10.5 million to pass on to me. He even congratulated me on my inheritance fund! Spam emails like this seem quaint in comparison to the more sophisticated … Read More

Scribe SEO Review

Scribe SEO is a new WordPress plugin that works primarily with the Thesis theme framework or the All-In-One SEO plugin. It is designed to allow a website owner, copywriter or web designer to create search engine optimized web pages and blog posts using a set of SEO (search engine optimization) tools. These tools provide feedback on the different page elements, … Read More