ICANN Opens Up Top-Level Domains: Reaction

ICANN, the non-profit organization that controls Internet naming protocols (including top-level domains (TLD’s) such as .com, .net, .org and newcomers like .biz and .jobs) has voted to open up the system so that groups can apply to create virtually any TLD such as .music or .food.

Future of Business in Ventura County

Bill Buratto, CEO of the Ventura County Economic Development Association, has a great article in the Ventura County Star on the future of business in Ventura County. For instance, Buratto cites the movie industry as a possible driver of revenue and industry in Ventura County: We need to take local control of our own future and that means thinking outside … Read More

Google Offers Takes on Groupon – Why It Will Work for Google

Google today announced a beta test of Google Offers, which is taking on Groupon and other coupon/offering startups head-on. Now, not every Google roll-out is a wild success (see Buzz and Wave), but Google has a few things going for it that give Offers a leg up.

Advanced Web Ranking Review

I’ve done a couple posts on WebPosition recently, and one of the comments discussed a site ranking software package called Advanced Web Ranking. I’m giving the 30-day trial a spin, and in full disclosure, the company offers an Enterprise license for a review, which does not include the maintenance contract, for which I’d have to pay separately.

Your User Experience Isn’t Typical

There’s an interesting phenomenon that we are all guilty of at times – we assume that our own user experience is typical and applicable to a much more widespread approach to a user base. It happens to designers who don’t test their work in all browsers. It happens to marketers who assume their copy SHOULD work without extensive keyword research … Read More

10 Things To Know About SEO

Following is a list of 10 things to know about SEO, and why a website owner should consider SEO for their site. This isn’t mean to be a primer on how to do SEO, but rather an overview with some basic knowledge about what SEO is good for, and what to look out for.

Google Instant A-Z: Single Letter Searches & Big Brands

Google Instant arrived this week – if you haven’t seen it in action, log in to your google account or gmail, and go to google.com. Search results change and shift with every keystroke of your search, and Google starts delivering results with the very first keystroke. So I compiled a list of results for single keystroke searches, and a few … Read More

Arcade Fire, HTML5 and Google

HTML5 is a structure for coding websites. One of the exciting possibilities it presents is support for a lot of functionality that has previously required third-party browser plug-ins, such as video and drag-and-drop. It appears to have gotten a kickstart when Apple locked out Flash from the iPhone and iPad. So Google worked with the band Arcade Fire to create … Read More

Firefox Tab Candy – Truly Exciting Software

Holy cow, this looks fantastic – view the next-generation browser from the Firefox team, incorporating a feature set they call Tab Candy. Organization into groups, multiple profiles, searchable notes, sharing of tabs and groups of tabs, concurrent browsing – some absolutely incredible features.